Fast Buds

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Fast Buds was founded in 2010 when a group of
experienced growers from California decided to open their own seed bank with
the aim of putting forward some of the best Californian genetics to the rest of
the world in autoflower form, with a focus on providing access to some of the
most popular and interesting strains available to them. They have a presence in
Europe and the United States, which allows them to improve their product and
interact with the cannabis industry far more easily.Fast Buds are well-connected in California, enabling them
access to some of the best genetics in the gold state. More and more of these
renowned and respected strains are now available to us as autoflowers thanks to
seed banks like Fast Buds. For example, they have been working on autoflower
versions of Green Crack and Girl Scout Cookies which have both built impressive
reputations very quickly over their relatively short careers. They also boast
more obscure and unique strains such as their ‘Blackberry’ (a dark-but-sweet
berry strain that packs a considerable punch) and their ‘Six-Shooter’ (Their
highest-yielding autoflower – perfect if you want to add some fire-power to
your grow). They have also provided heavily sought-after strains like West Coast
OG in autoflower form, making short work of consumer demands.By using Canadian Ruderalis as their autoflower gene-stock
and selecting only the most desirable phenotypes, they have been able to create
a broad collection of potent, high-yielding strains, with many of their newest
hybrids yielding THC levels of over 20%! Many of these strains display an
exotic range of vibrant colours in low temperature climates promising a
memorable growing experience, as well as a quality end-product in terms of potency
and flavour. They have also tested their cannabis seeds in the real-world
conditions of Canada and the Scandinavian Peninsula with great results.