Pyramid Seeds

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Pyramid Seeds are a Spanish company who provide a wide and eclectic range of high-quality, hand-picked cannabis seeds at excellent prices. Their products offer reliable and highly productive strains, each specifically selected for quality, flavour and yield. All of Pyramid Seeds’ products have been extensively tested in a number of different conditions, by various growers.The height, yield, quality and flavour of their seeds have been confirmed through the production of a huge number of crops. Their products are assured to be stable, productive and reliable (depending on conditions). Pyramid seed’s offer a huge range of cannabis seeds, giving you the opportunity to experience an incredible variety of new flavours. Their feminised seeds are 99% female, with a germination success rate of around 97%. They also sell 100% autoflowering strains, which reach their highest level of productivity during the summer months, but can be cultivated earlier or later if necessary. All strains perform best under 600w+ lights, however, as we do not condone breaking the law, this data is provided purely for informational purposes.As always, we can provide you instant access to the entire range of diverse, high-quality cannabis seeds provided by Pyramid Seeds. You can browse all of their products below, and order directly from us here at, helping you save precious time and avoid unnecessary hassle.