Big Buddha Seeds

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Big Buddha is easily the UK’s favourite seed bank. Big Buddha has produced multiple award-winning strains as a Cannabis Cup competitor and is the seed bank responsible for the infamous ‘Cheese’: a strain which has a solid reputation in the global cannabis community as a definite favourite. The accomplishment of the Cheese Strain has pushed Big Buddha to engage in even greater experiments to unearth many more amazing Marijuana strains, and we at Seedmasters are bringing those exceptional treasures to you, the customer. Big Buddha seeds guarantees you great seeds with distinguishable qualities and a unique gene pool history. Cheese is the Uk’s favourite Cannabis strain, and has been for a few years now as people globally are relishing in the Cheese female Cannabis seeds from Big Buddha. The original Cheese materialized from a modified Skunk #1 , which had heightened the potency and increased the aroma immensely.You cannot progress much further in the world of Cannabis Seeds without the Big Buddha Cheese being brought to your attention, They are the 1 of the worlds  most recognised and established Cannabis Seed banks, which is why  we at Seedmasters will work around the clock to bring to you all the old, and newly created strains at your fingertips.