Female Seeds

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Ferry, who is the main breeder at Female Seeds, began breeding regular seeds in the early 90’s for extra income with the dream of one day owning a small, self sufficient eco farm. Due to the high demand from Amsterdam/Holland based seed companies, it quickly became a fully operational seed production business throughout the 90’s. At the end of the 90’s the first feminized seeds came onto the market. They were very popular, but also very unreliable. His experience in massive regular seed production along with his engineering back ground motivated Ferry to investigate possible ways to produce 100% reliable female seeds. The company Female Seeds first entered the market in 2003. They quickly became successful as a result of their low priced quality seeds. Their seeds actually became so popular that they had difficulties meeting demand. Since then, their reliable and unique products have allowed them to maintain a strong position in the seed industry, adding to their -already strong- reputation as a reliable supplier.Female Seeds have strong environmental values and put a lot of importance on sustainability, which is why they invest in sustainable, independent growing systems (such as aquaponic and LED) and all of their profits are invested into cooperative systems, ecological projects and regenerative agriculture. Female Seeds are a great seed bank with a strong reputation to show for it, which is why you can buy from the Female Seeds collection here at SeedMasters.com !