Humboldt Seeds

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Humboldt Seed Organization are a group of highly experienced cannabis seed breeders from North California.Their breeders (each with anywhere from 15 to 25 years of experience) collectively own one of the largest libraries in the modern day cannabis community.With a background of over two decades of growing, Humboldt Seed Organization have a deep appreciation for organic gardening and the pursuit of better breeding practices which is why they get such great results.They are passionate about the importance of building living soils which add to the diversity and vitality of the biological food web, establishing and improving the symbiotic relationships within the system. This is why they focus on using bio-remediation, bio-fermentation, and bio-dynamic techniques in order to grow and breed the best quality seeds possible.Contemplating the idea of progression within the cannabis industry resulted in Humboldt Seed Organization’s deep exploration of the many functions and benefits offered by such a unique and multi-faceted plant. Systematic and ruthless selection through years of breeding has resulted in HSO’s extensive feminized, fast flowering, automatic seed and clone lines.Their stated goal is to educate others in sustainable methods of preservation and cultivation, they do this because of their collective passion for creating the best cannabis seeds in the world.You can buy seeds from the Humboldt Seed Organization’s collection here at, we hope you find exactly what you need!