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The White Label Seed Company are an outgrowth of Sensi Seeds. They were actually the first company associated with the Sensi gene-bank to make feminized varieties available to the public.’Sensi Seeds have a solid reputation for providing high quality cannabis seeds, have spent decades investing in cannabis related industries and work hard to educate the public about the potential benefits of cannabis. Every branch of the company is governed by one ethic:  it’s not just about Sensi Seeds, it’s about the plant.’White Label Seed Co. was essentially created by Sensi seed bank for the sole purpose of making their seeds cheaper and more widely available to their customers. They are the same seeds that you can buy through Sensi, the only real difference is the quality of the packaging and the prices. White Label seeds come in a plain white packet, the savings are then passed on to you as the customer.You can browse and buy seeds from the entire White label Seed Co. collection here at SeedMasters.com !