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Nirvana Seeds Goes back to the 80’s when its founder Mau worked in an Amsterdam grow shop. After watching and learning from the pro’s, his passion drove him to begin growing and breeding his first unique strains. Mau then went on to travel the world, hunting out original strains. After rigorous selection, these would go on to become Nirvana Seeds first collection of hybrid cannabis seeds.Mau eventually began expanding to a number of grow shops, establishing his reputation in Amsterdam. By the mid 90’s Nirvana was born and quickly became recognized in the global community as a cannabis seed specialist, gradually earning its reputation as one of the most popular and well-established seed banks. Nirvana have produced some of the worlds most notorious genotypes and continue to hold their own as one of the most distinguished cannabis seed producers.Nirvana are a legendary seed bank which has continuously worked hard to test and expand their collection of unique varieties, many of which have been winners at the renowned Cannabis Cup awards.Nirvana are continuously working hard to test and expand their collection of first rate cannabis seeds, all of which are available to buy here at SeedMasters!