Royal Queen Seeds

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As one of the fastest growing seed
companies in Europe, Royal Queen Seeds have a lot to boast about. They have
channeled their years of experience in the Netherlands into providing a
diverse collection of high-quality cannabis seeds including autoflowering,
feminized and medicinal strains.All of Royal Queen Seeds’ products are feminized, which
saves you the hassle of worrying about, and weeding out, male ganja plants.
Their range includes several award-winners, as well as many of the most
reputable ‘household names’ of the cannabis world, such as White Widow and OG Kush.Every seed produced by Royal Queen Seeds is grown
organically and hand-selected for quality, with each batch being tested daily
to ensure the best chances for successful germination. Royal Queen Seeds have
over 20 years growing experience, many of their strains have won some of the
most prestigious awards in the global cannabis community, such as the High-life
Cup and the High Times Cannabis Cup. This is a great seed bank for both growers
and breeders alike; they provide the everyday grower with a broad range of
reliable, high-quality cannabis seeds and offer access to the pure genetic
bread-and-butter required for breeding. All seeds come vacuum packed in
highly-resistant packaging.