Devils Harvest

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The Devil’s Harvest Seed Company is recognised around the world as a provider of some of the most unique and sought after cannabis seeds in the industry. Their story began when two experienced and committed breeders, Daire and Paul, created The Devil’s Harvest Seed Co. to showcase and spread their collection of cannabis seeds. After many years of individual success and collaboration with some of the most reputable figures in the cannabis community, they joined forces and brought this excellent collection to the market.All strains in this collection are suitable for indoor and, depending on location, outdoor cultivation. Each strain has undergone a lengthy selective breeding program, where breeders draw from their extensive collections of original genetic stock to create unique strains capable of producing some of the most potent and delicious bud available.The breeders at The Devil’s Harvest Seed Co. have put their years of experience in smoking, sampling and breeding some of the most phenomenal strains in and around Amsterdam’s famous coffeeshops into their work. They combine the old school with the new, creating some of the most popular and original strains in the cannabis industry to this day. The Devil’s Harvest Seed Company are an internationally successful seed bank with years of knowledge under their collective belt, you can browse or buy seeds from their collection here at!!