Dr Krippling

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Dr Krippling are a team of passionate breeders dedicated to their craft and the continued development of quality genetics. They are driven by very grounded values, to quote their website: ‘As with all animal populations on earth, we are here to survive and procreate, but we all have a subliminal analogous purpose to transport, disperse and preserve seeds and plants to ensure genetic survival for the future.’. Team Krippling are willing servants to this humbling plant, running breeding/proofing stations throughout Europe, working on hundreds of different strains from all over the world. They also work hard seeking out solid performers from new seed banks and breeders, as well as germinating hundreds of seeds every week to ensure they find the ultimate genetics for use as parent plants. The team at Dr Krippling combine years of extensive growing and breeding experience with an unrelenting passion for cannabis, establishing themselves as a reliable source for potent strains with outrageous yields, smells, tastes and effects. They use many different techniques to grow and no toxic chemicals are ever used on their seed-bearing plants.  Team Krippling are constantly fine tuning their current selection and seeking out stronger genetics for their future offerings, all of which are, and will be available to buy here at SeedMasters.com..